the jackets are in! assembly has begun. place your orders, we will start shipping these next week! there are 100 copies that will be available only through this website that come with a variant brown jacket. the price from is is $18 CAD + shipping.

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it has come to my attention that if you are coming to this site via a google search, you are not seeing the site proper, as you are just getting the home page. please click or enter to visit the site properly. sorry for the inconvienence an thanks to those of you checking back. we will have this fixed asap. on the bright side, we should have the jackets today!


the freaker pipe LPs are in! round and flat, we couldn't ask for more. we'll begin shipping these bad boys just as soon as the jackets are ready. hopefully within the next week or so.


lots of good news this week. the jackie-o LPs will be leaving the pressing plant on monday. hopefully they will be in our hands by the end of next week. unfortunately the packaging is still being printed. but hopefully we will able to begin shipping copies within the next two weeks.

secondly, we are working away at a new project. a new LP from the mikel dimmick spiral joy band which features 2/3 of pelt. we are very excited about this project and will keep you posted on developments as they happen.


apparently while our jackie-o LP was being pressed one of the stampers broke. we need to wait for a replacement set of stampers to be made and sent to the plant. hopefully this won't delay things too long. we hope everything is ready to go when the LPs arrive so we can begin shipping as soon as they arrive.


welcome, please look around! we are starting to take pre-orders on our first release, by jackie-o motherfucker. We hope to have it back and ready to ship in march. lots of other goodies available too.


site goes up.


received the test pressings for the JOMF today. things sound good, shouldn't be too long now